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Education enables a person to communicate ideas, cultivate our brains, and to gain confidence and perspective towards life. It is the tool that separates us from the primitive men and the rest of the living species. Education is something that enables us to make use of abilities to think and imagine, to create unbelievable things and to achieve impossible feats. Being an extremely valuable tool for a person to be successful and independent in today’s world, perhaps all parents put in their best efforts to provide their child a good education. Though education has become humongous expensive over the recent years,a child cannot be deprived of being educated. To cover for the expenses to ensure that every child get what it deserves, educational loans can be acquired easily.

There are two types of loans: Secured Loans (Banks) and Unsecured Loans (Hand loans).

Here, we are shall discuss what are the benefits of Unsecured Loans:
1. Quick approval:
The unsecured loans do not take as much time to be approved as the secured loans. There is no collateral involved which makes the entire application process easy. The borrowers can apply for the loan sitting at their home through a website such as that makes easy to find a lender. The unsecured loans get approved in less than 24 hours.

2. No risk of personal property:
Such loans do not involve the risk of personal property, like a house. The lenders do not collateral as a guarantee for repayment, but the borrower does not have to worry about losing their home or any other valuable asset in case of a delay in repayment. Though it requires a co-signer to sign to get the funds a borrower needs. In case of failure of repayment, the co-signer must repay the amount of loan.

3. Upfront repayment terms:
The terms and conditions are specified in the beginning of the deal. Most of the lenders have fixed interest rates so there won’t be any surprise payments to be made.

4. Helps improve credit score:
A personal loan used to pay off a credit card can help to boost credit points. It decreases the credit utilization ratio which is a boon for the borrower’s score.

5. Unsecured loan growth:
The loan growth in India has been rising with the passing years because of the unparalleled perks that it has to offer. Standing at 11.62% currently, the loan growth is projected to reach 12.52% by the end of this fiscal year.

6. Increasing accessibility:
Out of 3 lakh Indian students that go abroad for higher education every year, almost 58% of them borrow money in the form of unsecured loans. The accessibility to unsecured loans is getting better in our country. Interest rates, which used to go as high as 19-21%, are slowly going down to 12-13%, which is good news for most students in India.
Easy and quick unsecured loans can be obtained from online hand loan websites such as where the borrower can make a deal with their choice of lender. The repayment scheduled can be flexible as the borrower is provided with a list of trusted lenders by the website. All the lenders and the borrowers listed on the website are verified and genuine.

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